Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sorry for the 3 month hiatus...

I wish I could say that I have been preoccupied with important tasks that keep me from the blog. Dating, dancing, travelling----sadly there is no excuse.
There also is no new news.
My days can be divided into two groups, work days and days off. The only real difference is on days off, I don't have to change from my pajamas. Sometimes I leave the house, but never for more than a few hours.
It is possible I am turning into a hermit.
I love my house, I love my red couch. I love books and movies and bejeweled(which I recently discovered). I have no problems with friends or family, I just prefer time by myself. I live alone and I work alone and all that solitary time doesn't bother me one bit.
Currently I do not feel like moving to the country to live in a yurt, however anything is possible.

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