Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Putting it all out there

The first half of this year was terrible. First, I got sick on my birthday, and had to call in sick to work (which doesn't happen too often). A month or so later, I managed to get sick again, this time with an ear infection thrown in for good measure. A mysterious rash appeared on my chest, two bowling injuries(both of which are embarrassing), and another ear infection.
Just when I started to feel better, my grandmother passed away.
Add that to the fire.
When June came around, I told the universe(i.e putting it out there) that since the first half of this year was so sucky, I would appreciate a turn around of events.
Nothing has been happening(which is good) however, I would like to see some happy events soon.
Last week I saw a posting for a dream job in my company.
I am really hoping that the universe is listening.
I don't have all the qualifications they desire, but I am a smart girl. I can follow directions and can ask for help when I need it. I do my job damn well, and know that I could also kick butt in this position.
Fingers crossed.
Incense burning.
Saying prayers.