Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I have made two discoveries this weekend. Both concern allergies (not my favorite topic, but I can't escape them!!!)...
  1. Good old Benadryl seems to work really well
  2. Perfume makes my allergy symptoms multiply by 7

This is not good...when I get dressed, if I don't have perfume on my bare skin, I feel naked. Seriously. Almost like how if you forget your watch (or earrings), you feel "off". I am in quite the pickle...no perfume, allergies almost non existent....perfume, Magena smell good.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thirty and...

Ah tis the season to bring out the Neti Pot, kleenex, and whatever drugs help reduce the snot in your nose.
Allergies my friends. According to http://pollen.com trees are spitting out stuff right now. I never thought that trees were the root(ha ha)of all this snot. I always thought it was flowers and kitties.
Oh well, at least now I know.
You will all be pleased to know I went to Anita today and got my hair done. I feel like a brand new lady(well, not really)...but I have realized that I really like going to the salon. It's fun to sit and gab about food, boys, and ghosts(yes, those were our topics today).

I made my weekly Target run, cause you never know what they might have :)
(the answer, all sorts of things)

We shall see if sister wants to join me for dinner tonight. I'm pretty sure she will decline the offer(she usually does), which is fine....more chicken enchiladas for me.(ha ha)
Peace out!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Rainy Days and Wednesdays

Wednesdays are never fun at work. The warehouse manager is there all night and it's like having the principal in class. Plus it's my friday and I just want to leave as soon as I can.

This morning my alarm didn't go off....my BlackBerry is acting up again(that's twice in a month for those keeping track) This little piece of technology sometimes is a piece of crap!